Startup Preschool goes to Kaunas – a practical course for future entrepreneurs by Startup Migrants

March, 2024 

Startup Migrants – a company based in Berlin and Oslo, is aiming to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to efficiently start a Startup business through their intensive course called Startup Preschool. Startup Preschool courses are being organised in several different countries, one of which is happening in Kaunas, Lithuania on 11-13 of April.

This 3-day crash-course will teach beginners, professionals, and anyone who is interested in creating a startup, such as understanding local environments, utilizing them to successfully advertise a startup and gain profit or customers, creating an efficient business plan for their own business idea and even networking with other founders – all in a diverse and supportive group. 

“We believe that founders like to work! We also know they don’t want just theoretical learning,” says Nicolai Strøm-Olsen, CEO of Startup Migrants. “At the Startup Preschool, you do not sit through 3 days and listen to lectures, no – you must work, and through guidance deliver tangible results.”

Startup Preschool provides participants with the ability to grasp the general concept of how to start a business, which involves evaluating whether ideas are opportune and learning essentials of presenting a business to gain financial profit or customers. In addition, participants gain valuable knowledge on the nuances of how startups function in their local areas, what to avoid in the business culture and how to manoeuvre in the unfamiliar environment of startups.   

According to Nicolai Strøm-Olsen, in 2023, close to 600 founders from four countries have been mentored through this course, all of which accumulated more knowledge and experience for the mentors to pass onto future participants. “We believe the secret sauce is that we are practical and international.”, says Nicolai, elaborating that the course’s facilitators are familiar with the struggles and triumphs of starting a business and will connect participants with founders in many countries. Lastly, participants can remain in contact with facilitators for future inquiries about managing a business even after finishing Startup Preschool.  

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