Many start-ups implementing promising, research-based, solutions for important societal issues fail because of not enough of capital they can raise locally.  On the other hand, international investors would take them as investment opportunities but cannot manage the portfolio of companies in unknown legal systems of the less connected innovation ecosystems. They need relationships of trust with locally-based co-investors of smaller scale that would help them with the local deal flow as well as regulation guidance. 

atTRACTION aims to attract and connect actors of ‘modest’ and ‘moderate’ innovation ecosystems of Wielkopolska (PL), Lithuania (LT) and Andalusia (ES) to strong innovation hubs in Europe. atTRACTION strives to create a long-term community of investment ecosystem actors engaged in the growth of deep-tech companies on a different level of development and creating thematically focused deal flows for stronger development of deep-tech innovations in Europe. 

atTRACTION offers: 

International investors: 

  • facilitated access to deal flow, especially in dedicated pitching sessions, 
  • opportunities to co-invest with local investors , 
  • guidance through the info points of Wielkopolska, Lithuania & Andalusia regions providing information on the ecosystems, and framework conditions (as incentives, tax and legislation) and matchmaking service. 

Local investors from Wielkopolska, Lithuania & Andalusia 

  • support for their portfolio companies (start-ups & scale-ups), 
  • matchmaking offer of co-investments in the companies they invest in (1st round or later). 

Deep-tech start-ups from Wielkopolska, Lithuania & Andalusia:  

  • complementary add-on opportunities in skills development in collaboration with local technology transfer offices (TTOs), incubators & accelerators , 
  • access to potential clients for pilot testing of solutions (corporates and public institutions). 

Deep-tech scale-ups in from Wielkopolska, Lithuania & Andalusia 

  • complementary add-on (to existing programmes) support on: 
  • entering international markets, 
  • access to international capital providers. 

Diversity-based founders (including: migrants & women): 

  • training in collaboration with TTOs at universities, 
  • matchmaking service with other founders, 
  • relevant support by experienced mentors: migrants and women, 
  • contacts to potential clients (corporates/public institutions) and investors. 

Local incubation/acceleration programmes of Wielkopolska, Lithuania & Andalusia: 

  • added value features: 
  • connections with potential investors,  
  • add-on services for internationalisations market information, training and search for business partners. 

Corporates & public institutions relevant for services in the areas of society challenges: 

  • introduction to collaboration with start-ups, 
  • access to the relevant solutions offered by start-ups or scale-ups. 

TTOs of universities in Wielkopolska, Lithuania & Andalusia: 

  • complementary ecosystem support and international connections to their existing activities. 

atTRACTION mission is raise international connections across ecosystems through long-term trust development between relevant people and institutions. atTRACTION offers “doing things” together, so that the potential partners can check the collaborations in action.