Igniting Entrepreneurial Success: Enroll in the Startup Migrants Startup Preschool

Startup Migrants Startup Preschool, powered by atTRACTION, offers a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in a transformative 3-day intensive course in entrepreneurship. Whether you’re just fleshing out an idea or fine-tuning a proof-of-concept prototype, this program provides invaluable mentoring, coaching, and access to cutting-edge R&D facilities. Opened in February 2024, the Preschool is already making waves across Poland, Spain and Lithuania attracting a diverse cohort of participants, with over 50% being female. Since its inception, more than 1100 individuals have applied to join, and over 70 companies have been founded by Startup Preschool Alumni, showcasing the program’s remarkable success in nurturing innovation and fostering startup growth.


Calling all pre-startups and deep-tech startups: seize this opportunity to develop your ideas into tangible prototypes while gaining crucial insights and connections within the innovation ecosystem. atTRACTION tailors its offerings to accommodate developers, startups, corporates, and investors eager to explore the forefront of innovation. Whether you’re at the initial stages or ready to scale, the Preschool’s tailored opportunities ensure that every participant receives the support and resources they need to thrive in the competitive startup landscape. Join us on this journey of innovation, collaboration, and growth as we pave the way for the next generation of groundbreaking startups. Discover the locations and programs: https://www.forskole.no/upcoming-events


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